(Oil Painting on Canvas, 61x72cm, 2021)


Oil Painting, 11/22/2021


Oil Painting on canvas , 50x62 cm, 11//2021

Painting, calligraphy and poetry

 Ink  painting on Xuan paper, 135x66cm, 8/21/2021


Ink color on Xuan paper,70x76cm,7/22/2021



Ink color on Xuan paper, 135x66cm, 6/20/2021

Donning Calligraphy (6/10/2021)


Ink Color on Xuan Paper, 135x66 cm, 6/10/2021

Pottery and Calligraphy (6/2/2021)


 ink color on Xuan paper, 59x66 cm, 2021

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