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Chinghuey Tiao

Elite Books
(Tr. By C.Tiao)

In the year of 2018 , after visiting Sanyu Retrospective Art Exhibition at Eslite Gallery in Taipei, Chinghuey Tiao wrote a poem titled Secrecy, Sanyu, in which she revealed her discomfort of a French dealer being hailed as Sanyu’s “Bole”--the very person who recognized Sanyu’s genius and established the artist’s fame then and the status now; thus, she uses a novelist’s license to reconstruct the artist’s legend in her book.  

The time frame of this fiction starts from 1920’s , the end of the Belle Epoque Paris, to 2018’s Ottawa; the theatrical tour transports in Berlin, Paris, Shanghai ,New York and interspersed with the impressions of Japan and India.

The fictitious character LuYu , as the incarnation of Sanyu, walks us through the eras of magnificence, we witness an Asian painter indulged himself in the deluge of Western art world with complacency, then being drifted apart in wrench.

Reality is furnished by imaginations, writer Chinghuey Tiao, an artist herself , tries to use the literature quality to probe the artist’s riddle-ridden lifecast out a doubt, and search for a probable answer.

(Easter 2020)

A special thanks to Mr. YinDi(隱地), a well-established writer/poet and one of the most reputable publishers in Taiwan, who brings this beautiful book into reality.

Elite Books
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(April 2020)

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