Under the sway of wind

Under the sway of wind,
It's no use denying the fate.
The marvel of loveliness reads the woe to betide,
The glory of bravery soon to be bereft .
When the first petal of the rose falls,
They have to depart and drift upon His tides.

He holds her tight, bids her the last good-by,
He puts her hands on his chest,
Says he :"the red will be hurled into sallow sky,
Let it hear the music of you once again tonight.”
She sings along with the heartbeats an old song of Earth,
Echoing the rhythm the eternal sound beneath.

The notes take wings floating in the air,
The dying flame in his eyes dances like will-o'-the-wisp.
Sits by her side, he utters in despair:
“No longer can I recall your name, gone is hope”.
She presses his head unto her mellow breast,
“worry not to forget,I have in me your heart.”

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