Treading in sable night,

Scrawny I of scuffed-up white,

Search for something, anything,

To soothe the bewailing.

Hollow chest beset with a rosette bead,

Red as the olden blood,

Glowing in gritted grime,

Gnawing me of rot-off time.

Look, Lucifer in lucid air

Glistening like a scalding tear.

In the vale of the shadow of death,

The brine is dried-up with breath.

No longer can I withstand the plight,

Lord, refresh me to hold the light.

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Artist 藝術家 . (簡歷) College Instructor 大學講師 . Newspaper Columnist 報紙專欄作家 . Traveler 旅行者 旅住歐美多年; 藝術碩士(MFA, Honored with Distinction) 美國大學教藝術史,教學評鑑獲特優(College instructor, Art History,Teaching Evaluation Exceeding Excellence).